GCP’s Distribution Division is comprised of an efficient team of veteran Marketing and Distribution executives. These executives are directly responsible for all US Theatrical Marketing and Sales efforts. Sales in Canada, will be handled through a strategic alliance, under the direct oversight of GCP’s principal Marketing and Distribution Executive. International Sales in all territories will be handled by GCP internally. GCP will act as its own Worldwide sales agent, licensing rights to exhibit its titles to Local Distributors in each territory. GCP Distribution will offer its Worldwide Sales and Marketing Services not only to its own internally produced projects, but Co-Productions, Acquisitions, and Outside Third party projects as well. The company will establish a strategic relationship for the distribution of its projects through all ancillary windows including Blu-Ray, EST, VOD, Sell Through and all other Digital / Streaming platforms available now or in the future. The company will have at its option the ability to capitalize on these strategic relationships, or to monetize certain ancillary windows utilizing its own VOD Platform division.

Golden Premiere

The Golden Premiere Channel, one of our principal divisions represents the creation of an innovative and disruptive VOD cinematic platform that will become one of our main sources of revenue along with theatrical distribution. The Golden Ceiba VOD platform will be the new window for commercially viable content that many times struggles to get exhibition. GCP’s VOD platform will display cinematic content, targeting a specific niche of commercial independent movies and series that represent counterprogramming to Major Studio Tent pole Releases.