Habana Instant Available on flixpremiere

(Innovative Award and 1st mention Ecumenical Prize at Montreal World Film festival, 2015. Official Selection at New Orleans Film Festival, 2015 and Tahoe Film Festival, 2016)

Marcelo Quevedo and his brother Carlos were split in their childhood when Carlos departed Cuba on a boat with his mother. More than 20 years later, Carlos goes back to Cuba to re-encounter his brother only to find him facing ALS. After a journey that oscillates between love, joy, truth, resentment and forgiveness, Marcelo and Carlos experience a magical “Habana Instant” knowing that an inevitable farewell will separate them again but this time forever.

The Strike Available in all major platforms: Directv, Amazon, Hulu, ITunes, Vudu, Fios

(Winner of Best Feature Comedy at Manhattan Film Festival 2016)

After years of missed opportunities, criticism, and bad first impressions, 3 less than talented NYC actors take fate into their own hands when they devise a half baked theatrical "siege" in order to prove they have what it takes.

WELCOME TO ACAPULCO (In post-production)

When Matt Booth sets off to meet his fiancé for a foreign wedding in Estonia, he couldn't have imagined the dangerous world he was about to step into. Betrayed and set up, Matt unconsciously lands in Acapulco and finds himself on the run from the CIA and hired mercenaries, all looking for a package that he has supposedly smuggled through customs. Hunted on all sides, Matt is aided by Agent Adriana Vasquez, a femme fatale with orders of her own to follow.

Blue Family : (Available in Amazon, Amazon Prime, ITunes and Google Play)

(Official Selection at Flanders Film Festival 2014)

Blue Family is a suspenseful drama inspired by actual events about a man who kidnaps three women and keeps them locked in his basement for several years. An inside look at the double life of a man whose depths of darkness are revealed behind closed doors, along with the stories of three women willing to do anything to recover their freedom.

Dopamine (in Production)

Sofia Bandemberg, a renowned scientist who has dedicated her whole life to the secrets of the love drug, finds the perfect “Lab Rats” to test her hypothesis; Laura, Natalie, and Chris, three friends, that are successful in every area of their lives except their personal relationships. Due to an unexpected event, the three friends find themselves being Sofia’s little experiment of the so called Love Drug, better known as Dopamine, taken in the form of a pill developed by Sofia. The Dopamine pill agitates the hormones provoking chemical reactions that produce sentiments of love and sexual attraction. Once the friends begin the experiment, they all face challenges and obstacles as the effects of Dopamine make them lose control of their bodies and mind, each time allowing them to experience a new emotional and sexual awakening that constantly puts them in embarrassing and hilarious situations.

Departed Son (in production)

Nicholas, a Cuban-American musician decides to come back home to New York after a four year journey in Havana, filled with emotional turmoil, that made him reconnect with his roots and the essence of his music. Nicholas arrives in the Big Apple possessing his new memories and beliefs, but most importantly he brings Celso, his best friend and music partner. Celso is always with Nicholas, but Celso doesn't talk, doesn't move, doesn't play or compose music anymore, because Celso is dead. Celso passed away four months before their trip to New York, yet Nicholas carries his ashes with him everywhere he goes. He truly believes that Celso communicates with him. Nicholas had promised Celso that someday he would help him find his father in New York. Nicholas keeps his promise and he finds Jose Quiñones, a well know musician in the Latin Jazz arena of Manhattan and introduces his only son's ashes to him. Their emotional journey of reconnection, affection, forgiveness, love and pain becomes a learning process to both Jose and Nicholas. However, they must begin to understand and learn how to let go off their best friend and son in order to move forward in life.

Havana Darkness (In Post-Production)

(The first thriller/horror movie to be shot between New York and Havana, Cuba)

Traveling to Havana, Cuba, to investigate the origins of a mysterious manuscript supposedly written by acclaimed American novelist, Ernest Hemingway, three friends are thrust into a terrifying game of cat and mouse when they find themselves trapped inside an abandoned building nestled in the center of the country's vibrant capital. With time running out fast the threesome must maneuver through a maze of deadly traps to find a way out of the building before they're hunted down.

Redemption (in development)

Travis has it all: conquered the stock market, married the girl of his dreams, and lives a life most could only dream of. After the biggest deal of his career goes sour, he makes a hasty decision that puts his life at stake and that no amount of money can change. Unable to face failure, Travis hires a hitman to kill himself within 72 hours in an unexpected way, but things take a dramatic turn when he discovers he will become a father. Unable to undo his own paid murder, Travis escapes to Acapulco with his pregnant wife only to find that there is no place to hide from his own destiny.

Breaking Walls (in development)

Breaking Walls is a universally appealing and inspirational tale based on the true story of “Alfred Balen”, a water polo coach who, in the middle of the Cold War, put together a team of talented players that had to face personal and professional obstacles and overcome political barriers and boundaries in order to achieve their dream of becoming the best team in the world.

Own It (In Development)

(A story within a story about the people within people)

Own it hilariously follows four couples as they compete in a reality show to win the luxurious penthouse apartment in the most coveted new co-op in all of Manhattan. It is a twist on what is real, and what isn’t, who people are, and who they pretend to be. But above all, what will they be capable of in order to win the prize apartment? This show is a witty comedy to be shot on location in New York. The first episode of the season is already shot and is currently in post-production.

21 Outs (coming soon)

21 Outs is based on the true story of a Texas high school baseball coach who inspired his team of poor, Mexican-American players and led them to victory in the state championship in a David versus Goliath story of perseverance and heart.