Who we are

Golden Ceiba Productions is a filmmaking company based in New York City and Los Angeles focused on creating and producing high quality cinematic projects with universal themes that are appealing to an international audience highlighting Latino elements. With eight films and three TV series produced to date, GCP works at a Studio level for the Independent Market, controlling every process of the creation of a film from development, pre-production, production and post-production to its distribution and VOD exhibition. Golden Ceiba also has branches in Mexico, and Colombia.


Our mission is to create a new and trendy “Independent Filmmaking Model” using the highest quality film products for a worldwide audience, approaching universal topics and engaging stories for distribution and exhibition in multiple territories. All of this combined with the development of new technologies, platforms, and ideas to exhibit independent products with Latino influence in an innovative and disruptive way.


Throughout the constant work of our creative team in tandem with our business specialists, we generate new potential film concepts for development at high artistic and production levels, while keeping in mind commercial appeal. Golden Ceiba Productions is always looking for independent concepts with commercial value and business potential. Our motto is to materialize innovative independent ideas into creative, artistic, tangible products that can be commercialized, thus generating financial benefits.

It is our commitment to create projects that raise the voices and promote the talent of Latinos in the US and abroad. In this sense, and as a tribute to our roots, we aim to stand out in the film industry as a company that raises the standards of filmmaking to the highest level, and brings opportunities for Latino talents to be integrated into the filmmaking world.

The Ceiba Meaning

In the Mayan culture, the Ceiba tree represents the connection between the terrestrial world and the spirit-world above. Botanically, this emergent tree with strong roots, imposing branches, a large umbrella-shaped crown laden with aerial plants provides a home for countless species of animals. Golden Ceiba Productions operates with the same philosophy - embracing everything under one single umbrella, welcoming our equals and partnering with them, sheltering Indie Filmmakers and providing for the needs of internal and external projects, all while branching out to different territories.